Message From The CEO Office

Fiducia Synergy Investment Limited (F.S.I.L) has designed an objective of being the first and the best business enterprises in Africa. Its principal philosophy is not only benefiting F.S.I.L business itself but also bringing benefit to the country and society it operates in as it strongly believes that private and public interests are the two sides of a coin. The foundation for our endeavors and values we have is to place prime importance on keeping our words, integrity, trust, accountability, sound management and benefiting the society, and not to pursue easy gains.

Since we have a management team and employees who are well qualified and trained, we aim to be a business company that is recognized by society as meeting and exceeding the high expectations directed toward us, creating values that nobody else can match in ways befitting our distinctive identity. We will build a strong foundation on which the F.S.I.L. can grow stably and continuously for over generations. We aim to make various contributions to the economic and social development of different regional states of Nigeria in which we operate and the country as a whole, and build and strengthen our relationships of trust with them, and achieve mutual growth.

By thinking without being constrained by existing frameworks and combining our strengths and capabilities both inside and outside the company, eyeing the bright future, we will continue to aim for stable and continuous growth and realize our vision. I am confident that we will live up to your high expectations. I look forward to your continued support and patronage.

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